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Harvest Forecast

See what’s available before it’s even
harvested, complete with vital produce and
grower data, and get them farm fresh.

Optimum Handling Standards

Trusted for safe and secure
postharvest handling and delivery.
We adhere to fresh food safety standards
in handling all produce that passes through
Umá operations.

Absolute Business Need

Umá fulfills your business need for
complete transaction records and preferred
modes of payment.


Umá ('farm' in Bisaya, Hiligaynon, Bikolano and other dialects) is a business-to-business (B2B) data-driven solutions platform that provides Sold Before Harvest® online service.

Sold Before Harvest® is our solution to the main agricultural problems of wastage and oversupply. Ordering even before the produce is harvested allows our growers to anticipate logistical and operational activities, and to ensure the freshness of the produce delivered to your business.

This is what I grow.
Who wants it?

We give our partner growers the liberty to publish their products, input their own prices and control their delivery schedule. Through the app, businesses are able to connect, order and schedule directly with growers.